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As diverse as the musical backgrounds the four Hamburg-based guys hail from, would be the long list of influences that helped shape them. Ultimately you will find elements from almost any style and let's face it: The band does not reinvent the wheel.

But the first listen instantly reveals the genuine passion inherent in every single one of their songs.
They do not write by the book and every song is a reflection of their individual situations. You can never categorize Die Heart as strictly punk rock, hardcore or glam rock.
Just listen to the band and decide for yourselves, where you put it musically and discover, how it affects you.

"We'd like for people to listen to our music and identify with it or at least be encouraged to contemplate it." - Niels (vocals)

Whether you see them live or put on their record that shall be the moment when the four of them, the club, and especially the audience on any given day, that week, or their entire lives can just enjoy the moment, leave everything behind and let their emotions run free.

Rough, bold, fierce, dirty, rousing, no-frills, no-gimmicks, in-your-face, energetic, uncompromising and straight from Hamburg City- to list just a few ways to describe Die Heart's music.
Their brutally honest lyrics wrap nothing in pretty, yet ambiguous or incomprehensive wording.
"Direct words that release and reflect direct emotions", are what singer and lyricist Niels skillfully goes for.

In a world where "more is more" only their music holds real value for these passionate musicians.
Every one of them is a real Die Heart-fan of music as such and the way it connects people, regardless of who they are or where they come from, hence the name.

"By no other means have I up to this point been able to experience the kind of emotions our music evokes in me." - Nille (bass)

On 04/21/2017 barely a year after releasing their first EP ALL FOR ONE digitally via NoCut / SPV the band releases their first longplayer Stay Heart, which was recorded at the Hafenklang Studios, Hamburg at the end of 2016 under the direction of Marc Schettler .
This album reflects everything that makes out the four musicians and by using guitars right from the old punkrock-scene, bass-lines in the style of Deftones, drums from the depths of the hardcore scene and vocals in the 90s NY hardcore-style it brings you back to the beginnings of the hardcore .
Fans of Sick Of It All, Terror and many more will definitely get their money's worth on this album!

stay heart.

Tour dates:

14.04. Berlin - Privatclub
15.04. Hannover - Lux
16.04. Köln - MTC
20.04. Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
21.04. Stuttgart - Club Zentral
22.04. München - Backstage Club
28.04. Hamburg - Logo
29.04. Dresden - KONK Club Dresden
30.04. Münster - Sputnik
05.05. Hamburg - Hafenrock

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