It\'s been almost a year since SANZ enriched the...


It's been almost a year since SANZ enriched the music world with 'Let Us Die'. Now the charismatic singer is releasing his latest work, We Are Lost, which presents the songs from his debut in a completely new guise. On 21 April, the new album will be released, full of rocking numbers that come straight from the soul of this talented artist. The songs on "We Are Lost" sound familiar, yet fresh. Multi-talented musician, songwriter and former Groovenom frontman Sandro "SANZ" Geissler returns to his musical roots with this release: Crashing electric guitars, crunching basses and booming drums transform the once quiet synth-pop songs of the debut album into modern dark rock anthems that should especially delight fans of CHVRCHES, Hurts, IAMX and Depeche Mode.

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