KEOPS is a Croatian metal band founded in...


KEOPS is a Croatian metal band founded in Rijeka. At the very beginning of their career the band participated in the "Ritmi Globali Europei" - festival in Italy with a demo song and won the first prize in the category for the best band. After a first tour, which took KEOPS all over Italy, the lead singer changed. KEOPS then started working on their debut album "KEOPS". At the same time, they performed in various clubs, festivals and concerts in Croatia, which steadily grew their fan base.

The first studio album "KEOPS", released in 2012, took the band to the top of the Croatian TV and radio charts, and the album shot to #4 in the list of best-selling albums in Croatia. The second studio album "Lice sudbine" was released in 2015 and had a more progressive and modern sound. After the second album, there was another line-up change. With a new vocalist and bassist, KEOPS returned to their original metal sound.

They already self-released the first single "KEOPS" from their upcoming album in Croatian, which was met with great feedback from their fans and the press.

This was followed by the collaboration with NoCut Entertainment, which now results in the release of the first album available worldwide in March 2022.

KEOPS are hard hitting but still melodic, diverse yet catchy. With 7-string guitars, a 5-string bass and a vocal range of more than 3 octaves, friends of Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Mastodon (just to name a few) will have their true pleasure with the current KEOPS sound.


KEOPS are:
Bruno Micetic – Guitar
Branimir Habek – Guitar
Zoran Ernoic - Bass guitar
Zvonimir Špacapan – Vocal
Adam Miler - Drums

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