The eternal balance is not so easy to find, but...

Florian Grey

The eternal balance is not so easy to find, but there are signposts. Take two crosses, one stands for the good the other for the evil. Lined up correctly they also stand for F and G – the initials of the Alternative Dark Rock Band Florian Grey! Since 2015 the Hamburg/Germany based band has been fusing hard music as Rock and Gothic with poppy melancholic depth and is so catchy that listening to a track just once is enough to keep you humming the melody for days to come. Through a symbiosis of different musical styles the German based Alternative Dark Rock Band around founder and namesake Florian Grey rises above genre boundaries. The trio knows how to playfully break down barriers and interweave styles, so that listeners are taken on an emotional roller coaster ride through a world between light and shadow. With influences from dark rock to metal and pop, guitar-walls and synthesizer-widths meet impelling drum beats and the unmistakable and evocatively beautiful baritone vocals of singer Florian Grey. All this merges into impressive, seemingly never ending soundscapes, full of epic melodies and catchy lyrics. What started as a solo project with the debut album Gone, became a permanent formation with the successor Ritus and the work of the three full blood musicians. Together they create their own style, which blends easily into a unity due to the richness of facets of the band members, who were originally at home in different genres.

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