BEYOND BORDER make electronic music. BEYOND...

Beyond Border

BEYOND BORDER make electronic music. BEYOND BORDER is scene & underground, commercial and yet non-conformist. BEYOND BORDER‘s songs are danceable. They are paired with elegiac and sensitive lyrics. In 2019, DJ and keyborder Deity saw the singer Iggi on stage with his band “In Gods Faith” and knew right away: “I have to make music with this man and with this voice”. They met, talked and planned. BEYOND BORDER was born. Together they wrote the first songs and played the first concerts. Even the pandemic couldn’t stop them. Even the pandemic had no effect on them. With their songs, which were somewhere between electro and darkwave, BEYOND BORDER quickly found their way into the hearts of their fans. It was also during this time that K.T. joined the band as a keyboarder and became a permanent fixture at the many gigs they played. The first CD was released in 2020. It was produced by the band themselves. In the beginning it was a compilation of the first EPs and digital singles, later on B-sides and remixes were released as well. The first full-length album, ‘Awakening’, was released in 2021 and went on to reach number 1 in the GEWC charts. With their energetic sound and the charismatic stage presence of lead singer Iggi, the band was able to win over a steadily growing number of fans. Since the middle of 2022 the band has been at work on their new album ‘Gathering’, which will be produced by Rob Dust and will be released in January 2024 on their new label NoCut Entertainment.

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