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After the beginning as death doom metal band in 1993, Lacrimas Profundere decided to play more gothic music. In 2004 the album „Ave end“ paved the way for the successor „Filthy Notes for frozen“ (2006). This chart-album applies as a personal milestone which made also US-Jackass-Star Bam Margera paying attention to the band. The song „And God’s Ocean“ from the album „Songs for the last view“ was covered by Bam Margera nd Alissa White-Gluz and was also the soundtrack of a German crime-scene.

With „The grandiose nowhere“ (in 2010) Lacrimas Profundere played their first big headliner-tour through South America. In 2013 „Antiadore“ was published with great composings of Ricky Warwick and enabled the first world-tour.
With the new partern Oblivion/SPV the first concept album „Hope is here“ was published in 2016 and reached the TOP 30 of the Official German Charts. Besides a support-tour of In Extremo and just a short time later as headliner, Lacrimas Profundere played as the first international gothic-band in Dubai. What an adventure and highlight in the bandhistory!

Afterwards there where some discrepancies within the band about the future of the band. Oliver devoted himself together with Christopher tot he songwriting, to rediscover the sould and essence of the band. They also had to find a new singer. Olly remembered a yound talent called Julian Larre. Dominik (former drummer of „Antiadore“) was fascinated by the reorientation and the first demos immediately and with producer Kristian „Kohle“ Kohlmannslehner (Hämatom, Powerwolf, Aborted) the team, which had to create the impossible (to combine the doom-death-past and the rock-like chart-albums) was completed.

In 2019 the album „Bleeding in the stars“ was released. It was a collaboration with Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) and Tobias Schönemann (The Vision Bleak). The album contains four piano versions and also a new song.

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