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The band was founded in 1997 by musicians, who are today part of the band Corvus Corax and, of course, Teufel, the singer and frontman of Tanzwut. After some time, the band decided not only to play medieval instruments.

The name Tanzwut comes from the medieval times: When the plague reigned in Europe during the 14th century, sometimes people danced as ecstatic and ongoing until they eventually broke down or died out of pure exhaustion. They had the Tanzwut to escape the suffering from the pestilence. In march 1999 the debut-album Tanzwut was published by the EMI-label Electrola. It was produced by Jon Caffery. Some experimental sounds were stopped quickly again and the band decided to play medieval-rock-music, which was already a big success for other bands. After this time Tanzwut started an unprecedented career in their own genre, which is likely to produce a new album in 2021.

After a few formation changes, a new crew-to-stay formed around Mastermind „Teufel“ again in October 2010 and they have been successfully roaming the stages of Europe ever since. Rocky, medieval sound, catchy and convincing!

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