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The band Unzucht was founded by Daniel Schulz, Daniel De Clercq, Tom Schindler and Toby Fuhrmann in 2009. Their first EP „Engel der Vernichtung“ was published in the same year and on 23 December 2009 they played their first concert with My Inner Burning.

Already in 2010 Unzucht played shows at big music festivals. This was followed by support-shows of Lacrimas Profundere and Coppelius. In 2011 Unzucht played shows with MONO INC., Jennifer Rostock and End of Green. In the end of 2011 they played a support-tour with Stahlmann and signed their first record deal at the label NoCut.

On 20 April 2012 the EP „Deine Zeit läuft ab“ was published. On 21 September 2012 the debut album „Todsünde 8“ followed, which was praised by fans and press and reached #3 at German Alternative Charts. The sound reminds of bands like Rammstein and Eisbrecher. Thereupon Unzucht accompanied MONO INC. and Megaherz on their tours as support-act. In spring 2013 Unzucht played together with Lord oft he Lost the co-headliner-tour „Darkness Kills“. The second studio album „Rosenkreuzer“ was released in october 2013 and reached #61 of the Official German Albumcharts. After this success Unzucht played their first headliner-tour with the support acts Darkhaus and Vlad in Tears. In november 2014 the album „Venus Luzifer“ was published. The band presented it to the fans on the Eisheiligen Nächte with Subway to Sally and Saltatio Mortis.

In november 2015 Unzucht left their label NoCut and signed a new record deal at the laben Out of Line. On 11 march 2016 the EP „Kettenhund“ was released. It included a remix of the title song by Die Krupps. After this release Unzucht played as support a european tour of Eisbrecher, Oomph! and Puddle of Mudd. On 2 September 2016 the album „Neuntöter“ was released and reached #16 of the Official German Albumcharts. One year later the live album „Neuntöter“ has been published and reached #62 of the Official German Albumcharts. On 27 July 2018 Unzucht released their fifth album „Akephalos“ which reached #15 of the Official German Albumcharts. In the same summer, Unzucht played at Wacken festival for the first time.

In August 2018 bass player Blaschke left the band for personal reasons. Don Canone became the new bass player.
On 6 December 2019 was „Nein“ published – the first single from the on 7 February 2020 released album „Jenseits der Welt“, which reached #9 of the Official German Albumcharts.

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