Tvinna - Wings Of Ember - Release Shows...

Tvinna - Wings Of Ember - Release Shows

Tvinna - Wings Of Ember - Release Shows Powerful guitar runs blaze out of melancholic, mystical dark folk mists, igniting soulful anthems fuelled by rhythmic throbbing - expressive, progressive and deeply emotional at their core. Everything comes together, melts and culminates in a rewarding, intimate ritual, the second TVINNA album "Two - Wings Of Ember", which will be released in 2024 via By Norse. In their three exclusive release shows, TVINNA will take you on a moving and intimate journey - an ode to life in bloom, a daring flight beyond borders. Mysticism, mythology and lyricism are as deeply rooted in TVINNA's music as a deep attraction to nature and the magic of life - an intuitive, intense experience between dark folk, ambient and progressive post-rock.

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