Only 1 year after their successful album...


Only 1 year after their successful album "Kreatura" and a sold-out first headliner tour throughout Germany, MANNTRA are back with their new album "War of the Heathens"! The epic new masterpiece will be released on 09/22/2023. A highly energetic, colossally riffed and with huge melodies that stays in your head, MANNTRA are back with what they do best: the unique mix of metal, industrial, gothic and folk. The 4 Croatian musicians, accompanied by the demonic Barren King, combine the energy and atmosphere of the sea of the Adriatic and the mountains of their homeland on their new album. Let yourself be carried away into the world of ancient legends and battles that have shaped all of Europe. MANNTRA mercilessly marches into battle, shows the dark sides and the darkst secrets of mankind and at the same time points out what is important: We must stop destroying ourselves and what surrounds us.

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