Storm Seeker - Beneath In The Cold (CD)

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Beneath In The Cold (CD)

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01. Nemo
02. Drag O Below
03. Pirate Squad
04. Deep Sea Waltz
05. Drink Till Dawn
06. Barrel Of Grog
07. Darkest Of Caves
08. Prophecy
09. Plunderer And A Thief
10. Rum

Bonus Track:
11. row row row

On June 26th, 2020 the metal pirates from Storm Seeker re-released their debut album „Beneath in the Cold“. As a special pearl, the single "row row row", released on May 22nd, 2020 was put on the album.

The opener “Nemo” is like the famous calm before the storm. The sound of the sea, sounds that arouse longing and let the distant call resound. But that was it with the quiet sounds and Storm Seeker unpack the rum, uh, the party music (or both?). From beginning to end, "Drag o Below" proves to be a celebratory anthem on which Timothy and Sandy in particular demonstrate their vocal qualities. The heart laughs and the dancing leg skips. The party continues with "Pirate Squad". With the song Storm Seeker invite their listeners to come on board the "MS Beneath In The Cold". 1,2,3,1,2,3 ... For "Deep Sea Waltz", depending on the level, a waltz can be placed on the floor or swayed. Fabi in particular shines here with her unmistakable voice. In addition, the song captivates with unexpected but great choral singing. The folk metallers managed a very skilful break in style. „Darkest of Caves“ begins in a gloomy, almost eerie way with brutal tribal chants. Relatively reduced and with the focus on the vocals, the song shows a completely different facet of Storm Seeker. The music skilfully reflects the story of "Darkest of Caves". In the song, the ship and crew landed in a dark grotto, from which there is apparently no escape and which could become a new home, uh, a grave for the crew. As befits real pirates, there is also a love song for the drink that is most enjoyed on board. "Rum" is really going well and should become THE party cracker at medieval markets, pirate parties and carnival parties.

At the end it gets really folky. "Row row row" was created during the band's quarantine sessions and is dangerously catchy. Wasting the forced-free time with unnecessary sunbathing or intense drinking bouts? Not with our Storm Seeker pirate pack.

Releasedate: 26th June 2020

Genre: Pirate folk metal, nautical metal, folk metal

For fans of: In Extremo, Alestorm, Soar Patrol, Ye Banished Privateers, Swashbuckle

Available as: CD, download, stream

Band: Storm Seeker
Format: CDs

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