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Actor, singer, exceptional performer, original of the german cultural setting.

Joachim Witt was born in Hamburg on 22nd February 1949. In the middle of the 70s he completed an education as an actor at the „Hildburg Frese“- school in Hamburg. Afterwards he started to work at the Thalia Theatre. At the same time, Joachim Witt got his first record deal, which was dissolved quickly again, because of the missing commercial success.
In 1976 he founded his first band „Duesenberg“ together with two friends and released three albums, before he left the band in 1980 to become a solo musician.

In 1981 the single „Der Goldene Reiter“ was published, which is one of the most successful songs by Joachim Witt until today. He succeded his big breakthrough when the „Neue Deutsche Welle“ came up. After this it became quieter around him. In 1998 Joachim Witt had a brilliant comeback. In collaboration with Peter Heppner Joachim Witt published the single „Die Flut“, which became his biggest success in his career. Thereupon he played shows at different festivals and an own tour across Europe.

In 2015 his next album „Ich“ was published. It was financed via crowdfunding and reached 29th spot in the official German albumcharts. Also the album „Thron“ and „Rübezahl“ were financed via crowdfunding. In November 2016 the MONO INC.-single „Children of the Dark“ was published with the support of Tilo Wolff, Chris Harms and Joachim Witt. In February 2018 Joachim Witt published a duett-cover with MajorVoice of the song „Jeanny“ to honour the exceptional artist Falco.

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