Anna Lux - Wunderland Tour

Anna Lux ? Wunderland Tour 2019

After a first tour in early 2018 and four singles, Anna Lux now release their debut album WUNDERLAND. This record receives amazing receptions: ??the finest Dark Wave? (, ??the sensitive lyrics in German manage to make WUNDERLAND into one of THE Pop-Highlights of this season?? (, Newcomer of the month (Orkus Magazine) and many more. The album reached position 6 in the Swiss album charts and had an outstanding position in the German alternative charts as well.

With their own distinctive sound Anna Lux manages the balancing act between Dark Rock and radiofriendly, German Pop-Rock as no other band has before. states: ??Anna Lux kinda sounds like if Mia. and HIM would find a common cause.? For the likable frontgirl Anna, multi-tasking is nothing new. She writes most of the songs by herself with piano, vocals and guitar. Catchy melodies, singable choirs and cumulated energy makes you want more of it.

The music of Anna Lux doesn?t fear hard riffs, broad guitars and electronic elements. The German lyrics are straight forward and without any taboos. The two most important sparring partner are Rico H (Drums) and Lara Lumière (Guitar). By the way, Anna and Rico aren?t only a good team inside the band. The two Swiss live on Mallorca with their daughter and there run their own music studio. This is where the album WUNDERLAND was recorded as well.
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