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The legend of Storm Seeker begins in a dark cellar, in the year 2013, near by the harbor of the almost forgotten hanseatic town of Neuss, the two brothers Timothy and Olaf were able to find a crew that would evolve into Storm Seeker later on. After three years of floating in shallow waters, drifting to and from each other, the EP "Pirate Scum" struck like a cannonball in 2016. Meanwhile next to Timothy on Vocals and bass and Olaf on drums, Patrick on guitars, Sandy on cello, Tim (aka Ughar der Schreckliche) on keys and Patty on hurdy-gurdy had joined the crew. Together they released the two music videos for "Destined Course"and "The Longing". Both of them were recognized and successful all around the globe. And so they set their sails and played over 50 gigs, not only in their homelands.

Next to their legendary gigs on the Dong Open Air and the Metal Days in Slovenia, they also entered Switzerland and Italy. The storm this crew was always looking for was found in 2018. Patrick and Patty left the band, but as usual if one door closes another one opens - and it opened to the creative ideas of Fabi, who was playing hurdy- gurdy and recorders from this point on and also for Ju, who was playing the drums from now on. Olaf was changing to guitars to support Timothy and the female singers with his powerful backing vocals. But Storm Seeker didn’t get shipwrecked in their nearly three years long album production. Instead, after the successful "Tanz und Triebe”-Tour through Germany with the new line-up featuring the Bands Vogelfrey and Haggefugg, they released their first full-length album "Beneath in the cold" in May 2019. With the first singles "Drag O Below" and "Pirate Squad", Storm Seeker released two brandnew musicvideos accompanying the album. Armed with new songs, they are more than ready to enter the stages of this world with a new kind of wildness never seen before.

With "Gun's Don't Cry" Storm Seeker released the first single from their January 2021 album in September 2020.

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