Eisbrecher: Liebe macht Monster (CD)

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EISBRECHER - Liebe Macht Monster (release date: 12.03.2021)

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EISBRECHER - Liebe Macht Monster
(release 12.03.2021)

Three and a half years after their number 1 album Sturmfahrt (2017), Alex Wesselsky and guitarist/producer/programmer Noel Pix have readjusted all the parameters of their distinctive sound and put every little detail to the test in order to present fans with a gripping and versatile work. And while many an established act has fallen into lethargy due to the current difficult times, the two have unleashed a veritable avalanche of creativity. "The first important step was to reset everything," explains Noel Pix. "In order not to get stuck in your own artistic permanent loop in terms of production, you sometimes have to throw the tried and tested overboard. That's why all the carefully collected sounds of the last few years have ended up in the wastepaper basket. It's best to write on a blank sheet of paper." Wesselsky adds: "For us it has always been true: only what blows you away can blow others away! And so it just went off... Bam! The first steps: Cigarette on, brain on, heart on, computer on, phone on, door open, cigarette on, cigarette off, mic on.... next song!"

As a proud result of this round of ideas, there are now a total of 14 new songs, which on the one hand show all the proven Eisbrecher strengths, and on the other hand document the entire stylistic range and the great artistic potential of the band. Liebe Macht Monster proves that Alex and Noel Pix have successfully tweaked musical parameters and repositioned themselves without losing their unmistakable basic direction. The spectrum ranges from typical powerful Eisbrecher tracks ("Nein Danke", "Es lohnt sich nicht ein Mensch zu sein") to exciting new influences ("Systemsprenger", "Wer bin ich", "Leiserdrehen"). Wesselsky: "Eisbrecher have never sounded as diverse as on the new disc!" The band's characteristic border crossers this time are called "Kontrollverlust" (Loss of Control) or also "Dagegen" (Against), the latter incidentally including a spectacular collaboration with Oomph! frontman Dero. "Hooray, finally a duet! So it can come off our to-do list," Wesselsky says happily.

The first single from Liebe Macht Monster is provocatively called "FAKK" and will be released, including a video worth watching, on 15 January 2021. Also before the album is released, there will be a second single, "Im Guten Im Bösen", and a second video. Noel Pix: "The combination of electronic elements with hard guitars is still the core of Eisbrecher. What is new, however, is the way we mix everything. We don't chase after every trend, but we always like to be influenced by the zeitgeist in order to sound fresh and modern." Eisbrecher fully live up to this claim with Liebe Macht Monster!


Es lohnt sich nicht ein Mensch zu sein
Nein Danke
Im Guten im Bösen
Frommer Mann
Liebe macht Monster
Wer bin ich
High Society
Es Lebe der Tod

Format: CDs
Genre: Gothic Rock
Band: Eisbrecher

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